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NameJosé Adrián BONILLA
  Costa Rica
Date of birth28-Apr-1978 - Cartago (Cartago)
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José Adrián Bonilla Bonilla (born April 28, 1978 in Paraíso, Costa Rica) is a Costa Rican former professional road bicycle racer. He competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics and the 2004 Summer Olympics. He debuted professionally in 2004 with the team Comunidad Valenciana.

In 2006, during the Operación Puerto doping case, he was identified as the client of a doping traffic network led by Eufemiano Fuentes, under the code name Bonilla Alfredo. Bonilla was not sanctioned by the Spanish government since doping was not a crime at the time. He did not receive any other sanction either since the judge assigned to the case refused to share the case's evidence with the World Anti-Doping Agency or the Union Cycliste Internationale. Spanish court 31 later cleared him and all the other members of Comunidad Valenciana of any involvement in the case. On a document dated 28 July 2006 the court's secretary made clear none of the team members were found guilty of doping.

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