Ranking 1869 - 2018

Name Birthday Score
1. Mark GALEDO 11-Sep-1985 58
2. Marcelo FELIPE 10-Feb-1990 56
3. Rustom Cabanilla LIM 08-Jul-1993 35
4. Ronald ORANZA 02-Dec-1992 19
5. Ronnel Rellamas HUALDA 26-Jul-1982 18
6. Jan Paul MORALES 28-Jan-1986 14
7. Mark Julius BORDEOS 08-Jan-1995 9
8. Daniel Ven CARINO 13-Oct-1998 8
9. Jerry AQUINO 02-Jul-1992 7
10. Chris JOVEN 25-May-1986 6
11. Ronald LOMOTOS 08-Jul-1994 6
12. Jonipher RAVINA 22-Jun-1981 2
13. Denver CASAYURAN 08-Nov-1990 1
14. Nelson MARTIN 02-Jan-1988 1
About this ranking

This is the overall all time ranking of the most successful professional cyclists in the world from 1869 to 2018. Use the year and country filters below to look at the same overall ranking until a specific year in the past and/or for a specific country. Riders score points based on their results in the races. These points depend on the (historic) importance of the race, the competition during the race and the toughness of the course. Click on any rider to get an all time overview of the rider with details on the scores and rank for the various seasons and the most important results for each year.

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