Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this site?

For about 25 years I have been working on a classification according to cycling. I used data from books like "Velo", "Wielerjaarboek", "Nashua Guide de Tour de France", "World Championships", "De wielerklassiekers tot 2000", and recently the "Mémoire du Cyclisme" and several other specific publications. The first data I could find and processed in my classification is dated back to 1869 and I try to keep up with the most recent results. The classification consists mainly of a ranking per annum and I combined these seperate rankings to an overall ranking of the best cyclist over the period 1869 till now. Beside these two main parts I also constructed several other rankings based on countries, teams and averages.

Scoring method

It is only possible to score points in roadraces.
All roadraces have been classified according to difficulty, importance and status of that race in its specific timeframe.
Due to the incompleteness of results in the early years of cycling, some kind of anciennity percentage has been applied to the raw scores. As results become more complete every day now, these percentages will decrease and hopefully eventually not be necessary any more.