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February 29, 2024 - Stephan van Uijtregt is created by three cycling fans, just as a hobby, which has gotten a bit out of control (currently our database contains 66000 riders from 160 countries, and 35000 results from races in 45 countries.) But apart from being all cycling fans, we are also family. Peter van Uijtregt, the father, has been interested in cycling for many years and started creating a ranking about the best cyclists of the world, already in the 1970s. The two sons, Stephan and Arnim have, of course, also been "infected" with the cycling bug in their infant years. But kids grow up fast and by now Stephan has become an expert in sports marketing, and Arnim has become a software engineer. Their expertise led to the possibility to create a proper website for these cycling rankings the father created and was born.

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As you might understand, here at CyclingRanking we're passionate about cycling. Like you, we love cycling and its history.

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Picture by Marianne Casamance (Wikimedia)