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Overall Rank7693
NameAttilio PAVESI
Date of birth01-Oct-1910 - Caorso (Emilia Romagna)
Date of death02-Aug-2011 - Jose C. Paz-Arg (Buenos Aires)
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Attilio Pavesi

Attilio Pavesi (1 October 1910 – 2 August 2011) was an Italian cyclist who won the individual and team road races at the 1932 Summer Olympics. The same year he placed second in the Giro di Sicilia, and in 1933–35 rode as professional, but with no success.

Pavesi was the 11th child in an affluent family in Caorso, Emilia-Romagna. At the beginning of World War II he immigrated to San Miguel, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he continued racing, ran his bike shop, and organized cycling races. He died at the age of 100 in a retirement home in Buenos Aires. At the time of his death he was thought to be the oldest surviving Olympic champion and one of the oldest living Olympic competitors.

source - Wikipedia


Attilio Pavesi - Scores by Season

1. 1930 Individual 23 443
2. 1931 Individual 20 444
3. 1932 Individual 34 342
4. 1933 Maino - Clément 17 472
5. 1934 Bianchi 105 213
6. 1935 Battisti 0 923
Overall: 199 7693