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Overall Rank2544
NameCharles BERTY
Date of birth08-Sep-1911 - Saint-Laurent-du-Pont (Rhône-Alpes)
Date of death18-Apr-1944 - KL Mauthausen (Oberösterreich - Nazi-Germany-annexed Austria)
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Charles Berty (8 September 1911 – 18 April 1944) was a French racing cyclist. He rode in the 1935 Tour de France. As a routier and regional of the "Sud-Est" team, he finished the Tour de France three times (1935/36/39), while achieving a few top ten placings in the stages.

During World War II Berty was active in the French resistance. He got arrested and was sent to the Mauthausen concentration camp to do forced labor. Suffering from the bad circumstances and physical abuse, he died in the camp on 18 April 1944.

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