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NameBryan SMITH
  United States
Date of birth09-Feb-1981 - Madison (Wisconsin)
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Bryan Smith may refer to:

  • Bryan Smith, driver of a van that hit author Stephen King in 1999
    • Bryan Smith, a character in Stephen King's The Dark Tower based on the driver of the van that hit him
  • Bryan Smith (American football) (born 1983), defensive end
  • Bryan Smith (footballer) (born 1970), Scottish footballer (soccer) with Clydebank and Clyde
  • Bryan Smith (motorcyclist), American motorcycle racer
  • Bryan G. Smith, American chess grandmaster
  • Bryan Smith, Canadian politician, Green Party candidate in Ontario 2003 election
  • Bryan Smith, former member of Deep Banana Blackout
  • Bryan Smith, presenter for the Australian television series Beyond Tomorrow
  • Bryan Smyth (rugby league), Irish rugby league player
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