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Overall Rank4063
NameGiuseppe BARONI
Date of birth30-Aug-1909 - Bareggio (Lombardia)
Date of death26-May-2002
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1. 1933 Individual 96 189
2. 1934 Individual 278 94
3. 1935 Individual 304 126
Overall: 678 4063


Giuseppe Baroni (active 1720) was an Italian engraver of the 18th century. Together with Domenico Rosetti and Andrea Zucchi, he completed the prints for Il gran Teatro delle pitture e prospettive di Venezia, published in Venice in 1720 by Domenico Loviso in the Rialto. In this collection, the Madonna and child print by Nicolas Poussin and the Polyphemus by Pompeo Battoni are attributed to Baroni.

Baroni resided at Venice. He engraved some large plates from the paintings of the Venetian masters; among which is a print representing the Crucifixion, with Angels, and St. John and St. Mary Magdalene at foot of Cross.

source - Wikipedia