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Overall Rank15145
NameFrans SLAATS
Date of birth11-Jun-1912 - Waalwijk (Noord Brabant)
Date of death06-Apr-1993 - Waalwijk (Noord Brabant)
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Frans Slaats

Frans Slaats (born Waalwijk, Netherlands, 11 June 1912, died Waalwijk, 6 April 1993) was a Dutch professional cyclist who broke the world hour record.

Slaats was a prominent velodrome rider in the 1930s, especially in Six-day racing. In September 1937 he set the world hour record at 45.558 km on the Vigorelli track in Milan, Italy. It was bettered the same year by the French rider, Maurice Archambaud.

Slaats was at the Buenos Aires six-day in Argentina when World War II began in 1939. On returning to the Netherlands when peace came in 1945, he found his four brothers had been killed by the Germans.

source - Wikipedia


Frans Slaats - Scores by Season

Year Team Score Rank
1. 1932 Individual 48 380
2. 1936 Individual 8 934
3. 1937 Individual 2 944
4. 1938 Dilecta - Wolber 0 1174
Overall: 58 15145