Ranking 1869 - 2018

Global # Name Birthday Score
1. 3196. Richard Antonio CARAPAZ MONTENEGRO 29-May-1993 1089
2. 6480. Byron Patricio GUAMA DE LA CRUZ 14-Jun-1985 292
3. 7368. Jhonatan Manuel NARVAEZ PRADO 04-Mar-1997 217
4. 9583. Segundo NAVARRETE 21-May-1985 117
5. 10039. Jonathan Klever CAICEDO CEPEDA 28-Apr-1993 105
6. 16553. Esteban FRAGA 06-Jan-1965 25
7. 16743. Carlos Eduardo QUISPHE QUISPHE 21-Jul-1991 24
8. 16749. Jefferson Alveiro CEPEDA HERNANDEZ 02-Mar-1996 24
9. 19822. Juan Carlos ROSERO 28-Nov-1962 12
10. 20969. Jimmy Santiago MONTENEGRO NARVAEZ 15-May-1998 9
11. 23209. Jonathan David VILLAVICENCIO NARVAEZ 21-May-1991 6
12. 23216. Christian David PITA BOLANOS 06-Feb-1995 6
13. 26148. Jose Carlos RAGONESSI GUZMAN 11-Dec-1984 2
14. 26198. Jefferson Alexander CEPEDA ORTIZ 16-Jun-1998 2
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