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NameNoppie KOCH
Date of birth22-Mar-1932 - Utrecht (Utrecht)
Date of death07-Dec-2010 - Nieuwegein (Utrecht)
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Noppie Koch

Longinus Johannes Norbert "Noppie" Koch (22 March 1932 – 7 December 2010) was a cyclist and pacer from the Netherlands. As a cyclist he became national champion in 1959, 1962 and 1963 and won two bronze medals at the UCI Motor-paced World Championships in 1959 and 1960, in the professionals category. He was then injured in an accident at the factory where he worked and had to retire from racing. He became a pacer in motor-paced racing, bringing Piet de Wit, Leo Proost, Martin Venix and Mattheus Pronk to the UCI Motor-paced World Championships titles.

His fame as a pacemaker spread beyond the Netherlands, and he was invited to work with German and Belgian cyclists such as Dieter Kemper, Theo Verschueren and Stan Tourné. Although UCI required the pacer and the cyclist to be from the same country, Koch, together with another international pacer Bruno Walrave, successfully argued in the Dutch court to remove this rule. The basis for the claim was that Koch and Walrave would lose their jobs as pacers because of the discrimination by their nationality.

In total, as a pacer Koch won 10 world and 14 European titles between 1965 and 1987. He retired in 1988/1989 after being injured in a crash during a race.

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Major Victories

Ronde van Nederland - stages 1954 (1)
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Noppie Koch - Scores by Season

Year Team Score Rank
1. 1954 Maggi 84 366
2. 1956 Radium - R.I.H. Sport 0 1452
3. 1957 Radium - R.I.H. Sport 0 1417
4. 1958 Radium - R.I.H. Sport 0 1399
5. 1959 Vredestein 0 1196
6. 1961 Vredestein 0 1230
7. 1962 Vredestein 0 1174
8. 1963 Vredestein 0 1310
Overall: 84 13665