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NameKenny BELAEY
Date of birth26-Jan-1983 - Eeklo (Oost Vlaanderen)
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Kenny Belaey

Kenny Belaey (born 26 January 1983, in Eeklo, Belgium) is a Belgian mountain bike trials cyclist. He holds the UCI record of most podium spots at a world championship in the discipline of trial.

Thanks to his titles, professionalism, style and ability to interact with the crowd Belaey is one of the biggest names in the bike trials world scene. The Belgian has been at the cutting edge of his sport for more than ten year now, achieving his first 26 inch UCI Elite crown in 2002.

Kenny is always proactive in promoting his sponsors and his sport as well. The last couple of years Kenny has been traveling extensively to perform shows all over the world, making appearances on TV and working with photographers and journalists to create trial features for the world’s leading bike and sports magazines.

source - Wikipedia


Kenny Belaey - Scores by Season

Year Team Score Rank
1. 2003 Vlaanderen - T-Interim 0 2089
2. 2005 Chocolade Jacques - Topsport Vlaanderen 0 2580
3. 2006 Chocolade Jacques - Topsport Vlaanderen 0 2059
Overall: 0 53732