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Overall Rank43086
Date of birth17-May-1992 - Ulverstone (Tasmania)
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Luke 'Thomas' Ockerby (born 17 May 1992) is an Australian cyclist from Ulverstone, Tasmania. Ockerby has so far won four Australian Junior Championships and many regional and interstate wheel races including the 2008 Devonport men's Wheel Race, 2009 Mersey Wheel Race and the prestigious Austral Wheel Race in 2011 and represented Australia at the 2009 Youth Olympics. Ockerby currently rides with the Tasmanian Institute of Sport (T.I.S). Also Ockerby rides off the mark of scratch in wheel races, achieving the feat at the age of 17.

source - Wikipedia


Luke Ockerby - Scores by Season

Year Team Score Rank
1. 2012 Team Budget Forklifts 0 2672
2. 2013 Team Budget Forklifts 0 3014
3. 2014 Garneau - Quebecor 1 2219
Overall: 1 43086