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Overall Rank1687
NameLuciano ARMANI
Date of birth12-Oct-1940 - Felegara (Emilia Romagna)
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Luciano Armani - Scores by Season


1. 1965 Bianchi 243 180
2. 1966 Salvarani 504 81
3. 1967 Salamini 458 99
4. 1968 Faema 446 89
5. 1969 Scic 302 160
6. 1970 Scic 350 145
7. 1971 Scic 207 203
8. 1972 Scic 5 510
9. 1973 GBC 0 602
Overall: 2515 1687


Luciano Armani (born 12 October 1940) is a retired Italian professional road bicycle racer.

In the 1971 Tour de France, Luis Ocaña was leading the race after his great victory in the 11th stage, Eddy Merckx was more than 10 minutes behind. After the rest day, Merckx attacked in the 12th stage from the start, following his team mate Marinus Wagtmans. Armani and some other cyclists joined them, and the group stayed away.

In the peloton, the teams of Luis Ocaña and Cyrille Guimard (the holder of the green jersey) were trying to get the group back. The entire stage (245 km) the difference stayed between 40 seconds and two minutes. At the end of the stage, Armani surprised Merckx, and the difference was 1 minute and 50 seconds.

Because of the high speed of the stage (45,351 km/h), the finish was reached 90 minutes faster than the fastest time schedule of the organizers, which caused a chaos. The latest group of cyclist had to fight to finish the race in the allowed time limit, even though they did the 245 km in more than 42 km/h.

source - Wikipedia