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NameKen HILL
  Great Britain
Date of birth05-Sep-1936 - Liverpool (Liverpool)
Date of death29-Jun-1997 - Liverpool (Liverpool)
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Ken, Kenneth or Kenny Hill may refer to:

  • Kenneth Hill (academic) (1911–1973), British pathologist and academic
  • Ken Hill (playwright) (1937–1995), British playwright and theatre director
  • Kenneth O. Hill (born 1939), Canadian physicist
  • Ken Hill (botanist) (Kenneth D. Hill, 1948–2010), Australian botanist
  • Kenny Hill (English footballer) (born 1953), English football player
  • Kenny Hill (defensive back) (born 1958), American football defensive back
  • Ken Hill (baseball) (born 1965), American baseball pitcher
  • Kenny Hill (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1980s and 1990s
  • Kenny Hill (quarterback) (Kenneth Wade Hill, Jr., born 1994), American football quarterback
  • Ken Hill (motorcyclist) (born 1964), American motorcyclist
  • Ken Hill (Australian footballer) (born 1950), Australian rules footballer
  • Ken Hill (businessman), Canadian businessman
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