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Overall Rank3379
NameDino ROSSI
Date of birth16-Jul-1920 - Livorno (Toscana)
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Dino Rossi - Scores by Season


1. 1948 Cimatti 13 639
2. 1949 Cimatti 350 113
3. 1950 Cimatti 136 286
4. 1951 Guerra 382 105
5. 1952 Guerra 58 368
6. 1953 Guerra 0 960
Overall: 939 3379


Dino Rossi (born October 15, 1959) is an American businessperson and politician who most recently served as a member of the Washington State Senate for the 45th district. Rossi was appointed to the seat on an interim basis after the death of incumbent Andy Hill. He is an American commercial real estate executive, perennial candidate, two-time Republican nominee for Governor of Washington, and former Republican candidate for United States Senate. His first run for governor in the 2004 election became the closest gubernatorial race in U.S. history; Rossi was certified as governor-elect and won the first recount before losing a second recount, done by hand, to Democrat Christine Gregoire. He ran for governor again in 2008, losing again to Gregoire.

Rossi next challenged incumbent Democratic Senator Patty Murray in the 2010 U.S. Senate race. Rossi defeated his Republican primary challengers, but lost to Murray in the general election 52% to 47%.

Rossi was selected to fulfill a vacancy in the State Senate's 5th district in 2012 after the resignation of Cheryl Pflug. He was again selected in 2016 to fulfill a vacancy in the 45th district after the death of Andy Hill.

source - Wikipedia