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Overall Rank4591
NameFernando PACHECO
Date of birth30-May-1962 - Castanedo (Cantabria)
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Fernando Pacheco - Scores by Season


1. 1985 Teka 76 387
2. 1986 Teka 116 336
3. 1987 Reynolds 43 525
4. 1988 Teka 100 385
5. 1989 Teka 82 432
6. 1990 Teka 79 421
7. 1991 Banesto 23 634
8. 1992 Wigarma 30 566
Overall: 549 4591


Fernando Pacheco (a.k.a. Fernando The Love Machine), current lead singer and trombonist for the ska/rock/reggae band No Villains Left, an actor/improv/sketch comic artist with Chocolate Squirrel, and radio personality based in Hawaii. Formerly with and a founding member of the band Pimpbot, he has toured the Western U.S. and Canada and appeared on each of their full-length albums, in addition to several singles, since their formation in 2001. An avid musician, he also plays drums with a jazz group known as "The Bender Trio", bass in a surf band "Dr. Zaius," and is the former trombonist of the world-renowned ska band Go Jimmy Go. He has played trombone as a guest artist with another Hawaiian ska band, Black Square. Additionally, he is known by his alter ego, Max Murdoch, from the band "Max Murdoch and The Northern Soul Project". In 2008 and 2009, Pacheco ventured into improvisational comedy and sketch comedy studying under Shannon Winpenny and Garrick Paikai in Honolulu. In 2015 he successfully launched a TV variety sketch show, "Almost Local" airing on OC16 featuring local actors and musicians. A veteran of Honolulu airwaves he has been a radio personality for 101.9 KUCD-FM airing overnights and 105.9 KPOI-FM's morning show "The Walk of Shame." In total, he has appeared on 8 albums, 16 national, and 3 international tours.

source - Wikipedia