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NameIvan POPOV
Date of birth23-Mar-1951 - Gorna Malina
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Ivan Popov is the name of:

  • Ivan Popov (cyclist) (1951–2014), Bulgarian Olympic cyclist
  • Ivan Popov (wrestler), Australian wrestler
  • Ivan Popov (general) who died during St Nedelya Church assault
  • Ivan Popov (diplomat), see Tripartite Pact
  • Ivan Popov (governor), see List of governors of Chernigov Governorate
  • Ivan Popov (chess player), Russian chess grandmaster
  • Ivan Popov (revolutionary), Bulgarian revolutionary
  • Ivan Evseyevich Popov, (1797–1879) a Russian Orthodox missionary priest
  • Ivan Nikolaevich Popov (1878-after 1912), Russian deputy in 3rd Imperial Duma
  • Ivan Popov (spy) (1910–1980), Serbian spy who work for MI6 during World War II
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