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Smets is a Dutch occupational surname. It is a common name in the Belgian provinces of Antwerp and Flemish Brabant (11,000 people in 1998).[1] Despite its similarity to the Dutch surnames Smet, Smits, and Smeets, each equivalent to Smith, Smets (sometimes?) originated from "des Mets", short for "des Metselaars" ("the mason's son").[2] People named Smets include:

  • Alexander Smets (1795–1862), French philanthropist
  • Dieudonné Smets (1901–1981), Belgian road cyclist
  • Henri Smets (1895–1994), Belgian cross country athlete
  • Joël Smets (born 1969), Belgian motocross rider
  • Rob Smets (born 1959), American rodeo bullfighter and commentator
  • Sonja Smets, Belgian and Dutch logician
  • Wilhelm Smets (1796–1848), German writer, journalist and politician

SMETS, short for Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications, is a British standard for home smart meters.

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