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Overall Rank6457
Date of birth29-Mar-1984 - Tampere (Western Finland)
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Jukka Vastaranta (born 29 March 1984) is a Finnish professional cyclist from Tampere. From 2003 to 2006 he rode for the Dutch team Rabobank but in 2007 he switched to the Belgian continental team Jartazi–Promo Fashion. In 2008 he rode for the mountain bike team Brink-Ten Tusscher, but after a good start had to retire again due to prolonged health problems.

After settling back to Finland, in late 2008 he finally found some help for the health problems he had suffered from past several seasons. In 2009, he significantly got better and won all Finnish mountain bike races that he took part in and finished 36th in MTB Marathon World Championships.

Jukka started the season 2010 without a team, but had a short contract with SP Tableware, a Greek Continental-level road team, but was in strong form. He finished 4th in MTB Marathon European Championships and took some important victories in Europe. In July, the first MTB XC Olympic Champion Bart Brentjens contacted Jukka to join his professional team, Trek-Brentjens MTB Racing Team.

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Major Victories

ZLM Tour - stages 2005 (1)
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Jukka Vastaranta - Scores by Season

Year Team Score Rank
1. 2001 Individual 5 1525
2. 2003 Rabobank DT 125 458
3. 2004 Rabobank DT 79 603
4. 2005 Rabobank 189 329
5. 2006 Rabobank 29 990
6. 2007 Jartazi Promo Fashion Continental Cycling Team 20 1154
7. 2009 Elite without contract 1 3371
8. 2010 SP Tableware 2 2786
Overall: 450 6457