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Overall Rank2335
NameFrancisco CEPEDA
Date of birth08-Mar-1906 - Sopuerta (Pais Vasco)
Date of death14-Jul-1935 - Grenoble-Fra (Rhone Alpes)
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Francisco Cepeda (Zepeda, Zepedas) (born in the province of La Mancha, Spain, 1532; died at Guatemala, 1602) was a Spanish Dominican missionary.

He became a Dominican at the convent of OcaƱa, and was sent to Chiapas in Mexico. He was a very active missionary among the Indians. When differing modes of instructing them became an obstacle to their conversion, Cepeda was sent to Mexico to simplify the Indian grammars printed there, and obtain a standard for the guidance of the missionaries.

Cepeda became Provincial of the Dominicans in Guatemala, 1593, and Commissary of the Inquisition.

source - Wikipedia