Ranking 2014

Global # Name Birthday Team Score
1. 331. Ariel Maximiliano RICHEZE 07-Mar-1983 Lampre - Merida 296
2. 416. Eduardo SEPULVEDA 13-Jun-1991 Bretagne - Seche Environnement 231
3. 711. Sergio Daniel GODOY 07-Jul-1988 San Luis Somos Todos 73
4. 931. Cristian Omar CLAVERO 08-Jul-1982 Ironage - Colner 32
5. 982. Julian Paulo GADAY OROZCO 21-Jun-1990 Buenos Aires Provincia 28
6. 1012. Daniel Ricardo DIAZ 07-Jul-1989 San Luis Somos Todos 25
7. 1047. Jorge Martin MONTENEGRO 07-May-1983 Louletano - Dunas Douradas 23
8. 1073. Lucas Sebastian HAEDO 18-Apr-1983 SkyDive Dubai Pro Cycling Team 21
9. 1105. Jorge GIACINTI 21-Jun-1974 San Luis Somos Todos 19
10. 1148. Enzo Josue MOYANO 15-Feb-1989 San Luis Somos Todos 17
11. 1199. Juan Jose HAEDO 26-Jan-1981 Jamis - Hagens Berman 15
12. 1254. Sebastian Jose TOLOSA 16-Nov-1988 Buenos Aires Provincia 12
13. 1328. Lucas Manuel GADAY OROZCO 20-Feb-1993 Buenos Aires Provincia 9
14. 1330. Leandro Carlos MESSINEO 13-Sep-1979 San Luis Somos Todos 8
15. 1380. Juan Ignacio CURUCHET 04-Jul-1993 MG Kvis - Wilier 7
16. 1393. Gabriel JUAREZ VERON 07-Dec-1990 San Luis Somos Todos 6
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This is the ranking of the most successful professional cyclists in the world for Argentina in 2014. Use the year and country filters below to look at the same overall ranking until a specific year in the past and/or for a specific country. Riders score points based on their results in the races. These points depend on the (historic) importance of the race, the competition during the race and the toughness of the course. Click on any rider to get an all time overview of the rider with details on the scores and rank for the various seasons and the most important results for each year.

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