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NameMatthew WHITE
Date of birth22-Feb-1974 - Sydney (New South Wales)
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Matthew White or Matt White is the name of:

  • Matt White (musician) (born 1980), American singer-songwriter signed to Rykodisc
  • Matthew E. White (born 1982), American singer-songwriter, producer, arranger, and founder of Spacebomb Records
  • Matthew White (countertenor) (born 1973), Canadian countertenor
Sports people
  • Matt White (baseball) (born 1977), American left-handed baseball pitcher and rock entrepreneur
  • Matt White (cyclist) (born 1974), Australian cyclist
  • Matt White (ice hockey) (born 1989), American ice hockey player
  • Matt White (minor league pitcher) (born 1978), former American right-handed baseball pitcher
  • Matthew White (basketball) (1957–2013), American basketball player
  • Matthew White (cricketer) (born 1969), former English cricketer
  • Matthew White (footballer) (born 1987), Australian-rules footballer
  • Matthew White (racing driver), motorsport racing driver
  • Matthew White (rugby league) (born 1984), Australian rugby league player
  • Matthew White (historian), popular history writer
  • Matthew White (journalist) (born 1970), Australian sports presenter
  • Matthew White (MP) (c. 1766–1840), British Member of Parliament for Hythe, 1802–1806 and 1812–1818
  • MW Motorsport (formerly known as Matthew White Racing), a V8 Supercar team that is competing in the Australian supercar series

Matthew White Ridley may refer to:

  • Matthew White Ridley, 1st Viscount Ridley (1842–1904), British Conservative politician and statesman
  • Matthew White Ridley, 2nd Viscount Ridley (1874–1916), British Conservative politician
  • Matthew White Ridley, 3rd Viscount Ridley (1902–1964), British peer
  • Matthew White Ridley, 4th Viscount Ridley (1925–2012), British nobleman
  • Matt Ridley (Matthew White Ridley, born 1958), British journalist
  • Sir Matthew White Ridley, 2nd Baronet (1745–1813), Northumbrian politician and landowner
  • Sir Matthew White Ridley, 3rd Baronet (1778–1836), British politician and member of parliament in the United Kingdom
  • Sir Matthew White Ridley, 4th Baronet (1807–1877), Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom
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